by Adam Armstrong

FalconStor Partners With Cumulus Logic Offering Predictive Analytics Across All Storage Platforms

Today FalconStor Software Inc. announced that it was partnering with Cumulus Logic to provide a next-generation and intelligent cloud-based predictive analytics monitoring system for FalconStor’s FreeStor. Cumulus will be providing an exclusive source code distribution license for FreeStor. As we stated previously, FreeStor is the industry's first horizontal, software-defined storage platform for unified data services. This new joint solution can be used on any storage resource, regardless of vendor or type, on premise or in the cloud.

FreeStor’s Intelligent Abstraction and Intelligent Predictive Analytics (that work in real-time for visualization, analysis, and action) will be brought to the Software Defined Data Center. Not only will customers gain insight through real-time monitoring, the new cloud-based engine will also enable secure multi-tenancy for service providers that manage their customers’ data and infrastructure, and support private cloud infrastructures.

Through FreeStor’s analytics, IT will receive immediate notifications of issues (such as I/O bottlenecks, capacity issues, and SLA gaps), as well as historical and global trending reports. This will further enhance FreeStor’s delivery of business productivity and simplified data management. FreeStor has new interface enhancements that enable IT to monitor the solution from any location on tablets, phones, or desktops.

Features of this joint solution include:

  • Centralized monitoring, analytics and configuration across heterogeneous storage infrastructures
  • Analyze and report storage, server and application metrics on varying levels
  • Multi-Vendor Analytics: Collect, analyze and correlate data from Storage and Application layers
  • Historical and real-time trends and reports
  • Streaming analytics and real time insights
  • Proactively detect and alert performance bottlenecks and health risks using a real time analytics module
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Native iPhone/Android apps – mobile functionality
  • Real time performance, health and inventory monitoring
  • Define health policies for storage servers, and act on those in real-time

Under this licensing and joint-development agreement, FalconStor will modify and enhance Cumulus’ technology to customize an analytics engine for FreeStor, with all resulting intellectual property exclusively owned by FalconStor.

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