by Michael Rink

Formulus Black Debuts De-Duplicating OS

Formulus Black debuted ForsaOs, a Linux-based software stack built specifically to run all applications in memory. Formulus Black changed its name from Symbolic IO last March. At the same time, they switched to an entirely new management team. 

ForsaOS aims to dramatically cut memory requirements by using proprietary algorithms to transform data into the company’s own language,Formulus Bit Markers. Formulus Black claims their language losslessly compresses memory by deduplicating repetitive bit patterns. A process similar in concept to the way .pngs provide high image quality with relatively low memory footprints, but applied more generally. 

ForsaOS is designed to run on both the latest server technology as well as platforms you already own. Formulus Black's software stack is delivered as a full Linux-based OS, complete with KVM Hypervisor, scale-out memory-resident storage plane, RESTful APIs for provisioning and telemetry, and a modern GUI based management interface. 

Formulus Black

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