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Formulus Black Partners with Nth Generation

Formulus Black and Nth Generation announced a new partnership. Nth Generation, an IT consulting and services company, has agreed to assist with deploying Formulus Black's ForsaOS. Nth Generation has been providing IT consulting and security services since 1991. Formulus Black, previously known as Symbolic IO, is a much younger company created to develop and release their memory management software. We covered ForsaOS when Formulus Black debuted it last March.

Nth Generation will be including ForsaOS on a series of HPE-branded servers. According to Formulus Black, ForsaOS on an HPE DL380 Gen10 server featuring Intel Xeon Gold 6126 processors, and 24-32GB HPE DDR4-2666 MT/s DIMMs yielded performance from 4.5 to 7.8 million random 4K IOPs with average latencies for writes at 2.8µs and reads at 1.8µs per IOP with CPU utilization below 50 percent. The results were achieved running VDBENCH on ForsaOS in host mode (non-virtualized). A built-in hypervisor will leverage Formulus Black's patented Formulus Bit Markers (FbMs) technology to allow many more virtual server instances on standard hardware than conventional hypervisors. 

ForsaOS is a software-only solution that utilizes fast DRAM memory as storage. Using their unique management tools and features it increase effective memory capacity by up to 24x while improving processing speed as much as 450x. These incredible gains enable much larger database and analytics workloads to persist and run in memory on commodity hardware without any application modifications. ForsaOS organizes data for use with any application and OS for a truly platform-agnostic approach. All of this is achieved without the need for application changes, compression, encryption or added peripherals. 



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