by Mark Kidd

Fusion-io Announces Hybrid ioControl and All-Flash ION Accelerator Appliances

​Fusion-io has announced two new integrated solutions being sold through VARs that are part of the company's recent moves to make its flash acceleration solutions accessible to small and medium enterprises. These include Fusion-io's new ioControl Hybrid Storage Appliance as well as their ION Data Accelerator, which utilize ioMemory to accelerate application and virtualization storage workloads. A hybrid ioControl appliance is now shipping, with an all-flash ION Data Accelerator appliance expected to be widely available in spring 2014.

StorageReview’s benchmarks of ION Data Accelerator software-solution with 3.2TB ioScale PCIe cards catalogs the performance benefits that the ION platform demonstrated by creating automated pools of high-speed storage resources across multiple host servers. Offering integrated appliances means that Fusion can support a standard platform across hardware and software, and that IT administrators can deploy application acceleration without having to configure and deploy new storage servers or add PCIe to existing servers. Like ION Data Accelerator, the new solutions offer native management via Fusion’s ioSphere software.

The all-flash Fusion ION Accelerator appliance features up to 32TB of ioMemory in 1U-4U of rack space and up to 8 ports of Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, or iSCSI connectivity. The ION Accelerator offers integration with Oracle, Oracle RAC, SAP, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ and NoSQL and supports top-of-rack deployment to accelerate performance or deployment as primary storage.

The ioControl solutions use a hybrid flash architecture with between 730GB and 4,800GB of ioMemory alongside 16TB to 192TB of HDD storage across up to three servers in order to accelerate databases, applications, and virtual desktop infrastructure. Oriented towards small to medium enterprises, ioControl assigns automated performance policies to define IOPS, throughput, and latency performance minimums for each application. SPX intelligent server caching can be used to coordinate caching with ioControl to improve performance for data-intensive environments such as VMware and Microsoft SQL Server.


The ioControl appliances are available now. The ION Accelerator appliance currently available only to early access customers and will be widely available in spring 2014.

ION Accelerator appliance

ioControl Hybrid Storage appliance

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