by Josh Shaman

Fusion-io Announces NexGen Storage Acquisition

Fusion-io has announced that it has acquired NexGen Storage, a developer of hybrid storage appliances based on Fusion ioMemory designed for SME customers. Nexgen combines ioMemory and disk drives with ioControl software on x86 servers to create hybrid systems that offer flash-array performance at a far lower cost. Fusion-io's NexGen acquisition tacks on to their recent ID7 acquisition which shows their continued focus on software rather than hardware to continue to drive performance. These new hybrid systems built in conjunction by Fusion-io and NexGen enable customers to maintain cost-efficiency while being able to provision performance and capacity by necessity.

NexGen's hybrid storage systems utilize ioControl management software which shares all storage resources and maintains simultaneous performance targets across multiple applications. Using the software, users can more readily predict and produce performance expectations as well as long-term costs. ioControl also guides users on how to achieve all-flash solutions as data demands increase. Adding to this, it also helps to select priority levels for applications so that users can specify workloads as more or less significant.

The combined power of the ioControl software and the NexGen hybrid systems presents users with a strong feature-set. The systems have real-time flash write caching, read caching, and tiering. For endurance and reliability, Fusion ioMemory offers up to 250x more data written over a system's lifetime compared to SSD-based systems. Another benefit is a minimum of tripled performance compared to SSD-based systems that use legacy storage controllers. The hybrid system's software also performs the job of migrating data between performance and less expensive storage so that users won't have to worry about operating more software to accomplish that task.

Regarding financial aspects of the NexGen acquisition, Fusion-io paid around $114 million in cash and $5 million in stock. With the deal, they have taken on around 50 NexGen employees. NexGen's VARs are being added to the global Fusion-io reseller channels.

NexGen Hybrid Storage System


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