by Mark Kidd

Fusion-io Launches ioVDI Acceleration Software for VMware Virtual Desktops

Fusion-io today announced general availability of its Fusion ioVDI software, which accelerates VMware View persistent virtual desktop (VDI) environments via high-performance flash for read and write caching engineered for the requirements of VDI storage. Fusion’s proprietary Write Vectoring technology directs session-based desktop writes to server-side flash, improving virtual desktop performance by only directing writes to slower shared storage when data needs to be persistent between sessions.

ioVDI accelerates reboot times via Fusion’s Transparent File Sharing, which allows virtual desktops throughout the infrastructure to share common files in order to better perform within VMware View Storage Accelerator’s 2GB RAM limitation. According to Fusion, ioVDI can achieve microsecond response times for workloads of one thousand data-intensive VDI desktops, and boot times averaging less than ten seconds.

Pricing and Availability

Fusion ioVDI licenses are now available at a list price of $50 per desktop.

Fusion ioVDI software

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