by Lyle Smith

GIGABYTE TO22-Z61 & TO22-Z62 AMD EPYC Compute Nodes Now Available

GIGABYTE has announced the addition of two new AMD EPYC compute nodes to their RACKLUTION-OP line. These new products are based on the Open Compute Project's Open Rack Standards, a set of open source hardware design guidelines originally created by Facebook then adapted into an open source project in 2011. The TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62 feature dual AMD EPYC Naples processor sockets for compute nodes with high core counts and memory capacity. The new models have flexible storage options (including all flash or mixed SATA / SAS + flash), up to 3 additional PCIe expansion slots, and each node can fit into a three bay, 2OU tray.

Both the TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62 feature dual AMD EPYC 7000 series (Naples) processor sockets, including 8 channels of memory and 8x DIMM slots per socket (16 x DIMM slots per node). TO22-Z61 can be configured in combinations of flash and SATA storage capacity with 4 x 2.5” frontal hot swappable SSD and HDD drive bays. This includes a maximum of two NVMe drives and two SATA drives (or up to 4 x SATA drives instead of NVMe) as well as SAS storage drives, which can be leveraged using an add-on card.

The TO22-Z62 features a large capacity of all-flash storage with 4 x 2.5” frontal hot swappable drive bays. It supports a maximum of four NVMe drives (or up to 4 x SATA drives) with the option of adding even more internal capacity with another four NVMe internal 2.5” drive bays.

Both models are equipped with two low profile PCIe x16 expansion slots that can outfitted with component to expand its networking capabilities and storage. The Gigabtye TO22-Z61 includes an additional OCP PCIe x16 mezzanine slot as well, while the TO22-Z62’s OCP slot is already populated with a U.2 HBA expander card. Both nodes also feature dual 1GbE LAN ports and a dedicated MLAN port for remote management.

The RACKLUTION-OP OCP rack line features two different power supply designs:

  • OCP Version 1.0, which features power supply via three vertical 12V bus-bars
  • OCP Version 2.0, where power is supplied via a single vertical 12V bus-bar only



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