by Kevin OBrien

G-Technology By Hitachi Shows Off New 4TB Hitachi Hard Drive

In their latest G-RAID storage array, G-Technology by Hitachi showcased the new 4TB Hitachi 7,200RPM hard drive in a device aimed at professional A/V editing markets. The new four-platter drive is making use of a new 1TB platter design, which increases available capacity 33% compared to current-generation 3TB hard drives.

It's not unheard-of to see the latest and greatest devices debut inside high-end products. By releasing their new 4TB 7,200RPM hard drive in the G-Technology line, Hitachi is able to show off a super high-capacity drive as well as the Thunderbolt data interface in action. Supporting speeds up to 10Gb/s, Thunderbolt is perfect for video-editing users who need fast transfer speeds. Supported on even the smallest MacBook Air, devices like the 8TB G-RAID can be taken on the road without forcing user's to worry about the bulk of large desktop storage solutions.

Pricing information on the new 4TB Hitachi hard drive and 8TB G-Technology G-RAID is not yet released, but given the target market expect to see it sit pretty high for now. Availability of the G-RAID storage unit is listed shipping in October, with a Thunderbolt model shipping later in Q4.

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