by Michael Rink

Hammerspace Adds Global Undelete Service

Hammerspace updated their cloud-native data services to add self-service data recovery and global undelete as well as a slew of other new features. Hammerspace was founded just last year in 2018 and is a software-as-a-service company that focuses on reducing the complexity of adopting hybrid, multi-site, or Kubernetes workflows

Hammerspace likes to call themselves a data-as-a-service company. Their eponymous software manages data across all three major clouds (AWS support was added just two months ago) as well as Kubernetes environments. In addition to the rather clever addition of undelete for files and snapshots that allows users to self-service data recovery, Hammerspace added three other new services yesterday. The first is automated data classification to support their algorithms that seek to optimize data placement for the correct cost/performance balance. The second new service is providing tools to integrate customer-managed key management systems (KMS) to provide better security across all the cloud environments they support. The third and final new service is integrating metadata harvesting with cloud analytics services to detect and tag files with content information,



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