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HDS Announces Hitachi Content Intelligence

Today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced a new addition to its Hitachi Content Portfolio (HCP), the Hitachi Content Intelligence. According to HDS, the Hitachi Content Intelligence marks the first and only object storage portfolio with search and analytics capabilities. Adding Hitachi Content Intelligence to the HCP will add even more benefits to customers, as they will be able to gain faster and better insight from this data.

HDS’s HCP portfolio now has over 1,700 customers and offers seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway and enterprise file sync and sharing. The addition of the Hitachi Content Intelligence further rounds out the portfolio. Organizations are dealing with ever increasing data that, at times, can be spread across a growing number of data producers and siloed repositories. Hitachi Content Intelligence aggregates multistructured data, which allows businesses to gain insights faster, while allowing data management and governance to be more complete, and to understand the distribution of organizational data based on its value. The Hitachi Content Intelligence is currently the only object storage portfolio with seamlessly integrated cloud gateway, file sync and share, and data search and analytics capabilities.

With Hitachi Content Intelligence organizations can:

  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency by creating a standard and consistent enterprise search process across the entire IT environment.
  • Empower all levels of the organization with a self-service and intuitive out-of-the-box data exploration experience that includes support for detailed queries and ad hoc natural language searches.
  • Discover new insights faster through automated extraction, classification, enrichment and categorization of all of their data.
  • Minimize business risk and exposure from data that is inaccessible, dark, or has been lost, while improving the operational effectiveness of the business.
  • Optimize existing infrastructure by identifying infrequently accessed data and automate its relocation to a lower-cost object storage tier.

Key features of Hitachi Content Intelligence include:

  • Centralizes organizational data and transforms it into valuable and relevant business information.
  • Connects to and aggregates multistructured data across heterogeneous data silos and different locations.
  • Offers flexible deployment options that include physical, virtual, or hosted (public or private cloud).
  • Handles high degrees of scalability and availability with support for distributed and dynamic cluster sizes that can burst to more than 10,000 instances.
  • Maintains data sensitivity safely and securely by ensuring that only authorized users have access to specified results with integrations to authentication services, document-level security controls, and granular access policies.
  • Delivers personalized and self-service results that are tailored to the individual user or group that accesses the data.
  • Includes extensibility with published application programming interfaces that support customized data connections, transformation stages, or building new applications.
  • Deploys with an intuitive workflow designer, administration tools, and a guided data exploration and search application.

Hitachi Content Portfolio

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