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HDS Announces SVOS 7.0 & Upgrades Its VSP Line

Today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced the latest version of its Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), version 7.0. The latest version features enhanced QoS, new adaptive data reduction and support for all-flash cloud tiering. HDS is also upgrades its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) arrays with a new all-flash VSP F1500 as well as a new VSP G1500.

For businesses to be successful in today’s digital economy, they need to be able to access data in real-time. Businesses also need to maximize cost-efficiency from their operations. To address this, HDS has engineered SVOS 7.0 with an improved flash-aware IO stack. Available for the VSP line, SVOS 7.0 is made to deliver better customer experiences and return on investments.

New features of SVOS 7.0 include:

  • Quality of Service (QoS): Prevents workloads from monopolizing bandwidth and dedicates data reduction services to workloads for more predictable latency than other all-flash arrays.
  • Adaptive data reduction: Provides deduplication and compression within SVOS for 2:1, 5:1 or greater capacity savings. SVOS 7 can offload compression to FMDs to lower latency and scale data reduction beyond other all-flash arrays.
  • All-flash cloud tiering: Provides transparent file migration to private or public cloud storage for more predictable costs and faster transitions to all-flash.

The two new arrays HDS are announcing today are the VSP F1500 and VSP G1500. The F1500 is an all-flash array with up to 14TP per device, performance over 4.8 million IOPS, and up to 40PB of effective flash capacity. The F1500 is ideal for customers looking to consolidate across block, file, and mainframe operations. The VSP G1500 also offers 4.8 million IOPS of performance (a 20% improvement over the G1000), and according to HDS, the G1500 can run individual workloads up to 40% faster. The G1500 is suited for customers looking to move to all-flash over time. Existing G1000 customers are able to upgrade to the G1500 via data in place, non-disruptive migration.

Along with the new OS and upgraded arrays, HDS is upgrading its management stack. HDS is announcing new versions of Hitachi Storage Advisor, Automation Director, and Infrastructure Analytics Advisor software. HDS states that these new updates will enable customers to more easily implement new SVOS 7 functions and reduce process complexity.


HDS SVOS 7.0 is available now on all VSP G series and F series systems and can be installed on existing systems through a non-disruptive update.

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