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HDS Updates Its Content Platform With The Promise Of Huge Storage Costs Savings

Today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced that it had made several updates to its Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio. The updates include a large increase in usable storage per cluster as well as updates to its cloud gateway, Hitachi Data Ingestor, and building off of recent updates to its file and sync, HCP Anywhere. When combined, the company states that the new updates, along with HCP abilities, can increase productivity and profitability while reducing costs and risks.

The HCP portfolio is more or less HDS’s private cloud. As we previously said, HCP offers users the ability to manage content securely in an off-premise cloud environment. HCP Anywhere allows employees to access content from anywhere, at any time, on any device easily. End-to-end file sharing is securely maintained by corporate IT to be deployed safely and securely. By downloading an iOS app for mobile devices, users can easily access content without needing any formal training, and this ease of use extends to the administrators with simple setup, deployment and management of the application. HCP integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory Services and affords administrators with the ability audit and manage large numbers of users.

With the update, HDS is claiming a 400% increase in usable storage per cluster. By utilizing 10TB HDDs, customers can see up to 67% more storage node capacity and a 55% increase in objects per node. HDS has also simplified its software licensing resulting it what it claims to be a 80+ percent lower storage costs than public cloud alone.

Other enhancements and updates include:

  • An enhanced multipart file transfer to speed performance of large file uploads, downloads and range reads for Amazon cloud storage applications
  • Enhanced APIs to give organizations greater visibility to analyze the performance and health of their infrastructure
  • The addition of geo-distributed erasure coding for multisite deployments, resulting in lower capacity overheads, reduced TCO, and faster rebuilds
  • The choice between erasure coding and RAID data protection based on business and performance requirements
  • The addition of KVM Hypervisor support to further improve the total cost of ownership and extend software-defined capabilities
  • The addition of a dedicated management port that isolates user and administrator network traffic

HDS has also announced updates for its cloud gateway, Hitachi Data Ingestor. New features include multipart file uploads to HCP for faster uploads of large files such as .pst files, easier resolution of content sharing conflicts, universal file migration improvements that enhance performance, and updated cryptographic hash algorithms to protect against software attacks. The company states that the new updates will help companies reduce risk, cost, and complexity of providing IT services to geographically dispersed locations and cloud users.

HCP Anywhere was updated last month but today’s announcement helps build off of those updates. Last month’s updates included:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access mobilizes data with cloud home directories and protects enterprise file sync and share.
  • Optimized group collaboration simplifies workflows and optimizes workgroup productivity.
  • End-user and enterprise data protection mitigate new threats such as ransomware, and the enhanced security of company data.
  • Robust security, search and governance provide superior visibility, control and compliance for critical data assets.
  • Modern, intuitive, customized user experience adapts to new devices.
  • API customization options tune the solution for different user types, customize workflows and develop new applications.

Hitachi Content Platform portfolio

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