by Adam Armstrong

Hedvig Announces Its Distributed Storage Platform 3.0

Today Hedvig announced the latest release of its software-defined storage (SDS) platform, Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform version 3.0. The latest update contains innovations including end-to-end integrations, advanced security capabilities, and enhancements to the platfrom’s comprehensive suite of caching technologies. According to Hevig, these new capabilities will enable customers to store and protect virtualized, containerized, and backup workloads from a single platform.

More and more companies are looking to both SDS and multi-cloud platforms to store both their primary and secondary data. However, these new technologies requires new certifications, plugins, encryption, auditing, multitenancy, and flash-caching capabilities all of which can be found in the new Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform 3.0.  The newly updated platform does this through new CloudScale Plugins, Hedvig Encrypt360, and Hedvig FlashFabric.

The company has added new plugins to its existing Docker and OpenStack CloudScale Plugins. CloudScale Plugins provide pretested, validated options that aim to make SDS easier to use and operate.

CloudScale Plugins now include:

  • Veritas OpenStorage Technology (OST) plugin. Hedvig’s new OST plugin ensures existing Veritas customers can seamlessly connect NetBackup to Hedvig as a deduplicating backup target.
  • Enhanced VMware plugin. The existing Hedvig VMware vSphere Web Client plugin has achieved VMware-ready storage certification and adds new security, backup, and data protection capabilities.
  • Red Hat Certified container. A Hedvig Storage Proxy container is now Red Hat certified for customer production use and published in the Red Hat Container Catalog. This certified container supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and OpenShift featuring docker and Kubernetes.

Cyberattacks, including mal- and ransomware, seem to be in the news every other week. To this end, Hedvig is introducing its new Encrypt360 that will deliver native, in-software approach to protecting data throughout its entire lifecycle. Encrypt360 can encrypt data that’s in-use, in-flight, and at-rest, encryption starts at the host level and carries all the way through the backend, distributed cluster nodes. This new security feature supports AWS and allows for a 256-bit AES encryption policy on a per-volume basis. Encrypt360 can be combined with other new features announced today, advanced auditing and multitenancy access control mechanisms, allowing customers to meet compliance and regulations while staying secure in hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

On the flash-caching front, Hedvig is introducing a comprehensive suite of flash caching technologies that optimize performance in Hedvig clusters, FlashFabric. The company has added improvements such as advanced auto-tiering and read cache capabilities. The improvements also allow customers to take advantage of NVMe, 3D Xpoint and other flash innovations that may be announced soon without having to add complex, proprietary hardware.


Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform version 3.0 is available now.

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