by Adam Armstrong

Hedvig & ClusterHQ Partner To Speed The Adoption Of Docker

Today Hedvig announced a partnership with ClusterHQ that will offer modern enterprises an integrated solution that simplifies storage provisioning and data persistence for Docker volumes. This collaboration combines ClusterHQ’s Flocker container data management software with Hedvig’s software-defined storage solution to develop the Hedvig storage driver for Flocker.

Containers, and Docker more specifically, are gaining more and more steam being used more often in production environments. But as containers are being widely adopted, there is a need for dynamic, well-managed, persistent storage. The need exists because containerized applications can be spun up in a few seconds but the provisioning for the storage for these environments can take hours, days, or even weeks.

The partnership between Hedvig and ClusterHQ will simplify this provisioning of storage and ensuring data persistence. Simplified provision and data persistence are two key elements for containerized apps in production environments. The Hedvig storage driver for Flocker enables stateful data volumes to follow containers as they move between hosts in the environment, and the data can be preserved beyond the life of the containers themselves. The storage driver also exploits Hedvig’s industry-first ability to deliver a full suite of software-based advanced data services—including deduplication, compression, and tunable replication—on a per-volume basis.

The partnership enables companies to take advantage of ClusterHQ’s unique solution that benefits containers and other stateful services and Hedvig’s software-defined approach that provides flexible, dynamic provisioning and the cost economics of commodity server infrastructure. DevOps and IT will be able to bring applications and services in production and to market more quickly and at reduced cost.


The Hedvig storage driver for Flocker is available now at GitHub.

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