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Hedvig Unveils CloudScale Reference Architectures

Today at DockerCon 2016, Hedvig Incorporated announced its new end-to-end CloudScale Reference Architectures that aim to provide enterprises with infrastructure templates that are proven and tested. Hedvig states that these new Docker solutions will help enterprise DevOps and ITOps teams save time, lower costs and reduce the complexity of deploying containers using Docker Datacenter, Windows and VMware. These new solutions are built off of Quanta Cloud Technology, ContainerX and ClusterHQ technology.

Software-defined infrastructure is increasing rapidly as IT needs more flexible storage options to provision and deploy containers and cloud architectures in data centers. DevOps tools and services are also growing in both number and variety. This, unfortunately, can lead to architectural inconsistencies. This is where Hedvig’s new CloudScale Reference Architectures come in, providing consistency in storage deployments while maintaining the flexibility demanded by IT environments. Hedvig and its partners are delivering blueprints for scalable infrastructures that help build, deploy and manage containerized applications and microservices. The new reference solutions are both hardware- and software-based and enable containerized applications and microservices to scale-out to meet growing demands.

Hedvig is launching three enterprise-ready Docker solutions: one hyperscale integrated system and two software-only systems. Its hyperscale integrated system, the Quanta CloudScale Reference Architecture for Docker Datacenter, integrates leading Docker open source projects including Docker Swarm, Docker Engine, Docker Trusted Registry and the Docker Universal Control Plane. This combined system (a combination of the full container stack of Docker Datacenter with Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform software and QuantaGrid D51PH-1ULH hardware) provides enterprises with what Hedvig is calling an easy to install, datacenter solution for containers that runs on standard x86 datacenter-class servers and starts with as few as four nodes.

For existing Docker, VMware, and Microsoft environments Hedvig announce two software-only CloudScale Reference Architectures. These new reference architectures are designed to augment existing infrastructure solutions with a continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) model that helps deploy container-based apps and microservices. The first two software-only reference architectures include:

  • ContainerX CloudScale Reference Architecture for Windows and VMware-based container environments: Many large organizations choose to integrate Docker into existing infrastructure. To help organizations that have large .NET application clusters still in use, Hedvig partnered with ContainerX on a new reference architecture. The joint solution combines ContainerX software-defined compute and networking with Hedvig software-defined storage in a single management interface to deploy containers for stateful and stateless applications that function across bare metal, Windows, and VMware-powered server infrastructure.
  • ClusterHQ CloudScale Reference Architecture for high availability databases: Hedvig is expanding its ClusterHQ Flocker plugin with a reference  architecture designed for highly available (HA) stateful services using Docker Datacenter. It provides a complete recipe for taking advantage of the management capabilities of Docker Datacenter while using the flexible storage environment provided by Hedvig via the Flocker volume plugin for Docker. Hedvig and ClusterHQ are working on expanding the reference architecture to enable Kubernetes and Apache Mesos in addition to Docker Swarm for container lifecycle management.

Hedvig will be demonstrating its new Docker Cloudscale Reference Architectures at the DockerCon 16 conference, booth, on June 19-21, 2016, in Seattle.

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