by Chris Thomas

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces OneView 3.0

Amid a handful of announcements today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) also introduced an update to its OneView software, version 3.0. This update brings software-defined intelligence and integration with a unified API and HPE’s infrastructure software, including ProLiant, BladeSystem, StoreServ, and others.

This update not only offers some key refreshes to HPE software compatibility, but also some updates to the service itself. For example, a new global dashboard, with at-a-glance view of infrastructure, and a simplified end-to-end management of heterogeneous network switches. On top of that, you can also use the Helion CloudSystem 10 integration to provision individual servers or clusters directly from the console. This helps to completely remove the need of multiple organizational hand-offs to provision physical infrastructure, which was previously needed before cloud services could be defined and deployed.

HPE indicates the following additional updates:

  • With new provisioning for HPE ProLiant DL platforms, customers can now deploy server infrastructure optimized to specific workloads. New monitoring support for the HPE Apollo series, expanding management coverage across a wider array of infrastructure.
  • Migration from virtual connect environments to HPE OneView 4X faster and with zero downtime or service disruption.
  • Growing partner HPE OneView ecosystem with SaltStack, SUSE, Eaton and nLyte, making partner, dev op, cloud and facility management tools more agile and efficient.


HPE OneView 3.0 will launch in Q3 of 2016.

HPE OneView

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