by Lyle Smith

HGST Announces First 10TB Data Center-Class HDD

HGST has announced the world’s first data center-class 10TB HDD for cloud and cold storage applications with the lowest $/TB and watt/TB available on the market. HGST accomplishes this by harnessing two complementary technologies: HelioSeal technology and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), which enable a future design platform for HDDs in delivering higher capacity points at accelerated time-to-market entry.

HGST’s HelioSeal platform also provides the longterm goals for delivering the highest capacities, while significantly lowering power and cooling requirements and improving storage density. This platform makes way for new storage applications for data that is past its create-and-modify phase
of life and needs efficient, accessible, long term retention.

All future HGST enterprise capacity HDDs will be built using HelioSeal platform, no new capacity drives will use air. 


HGST is currently sampling the new 10TB HDDs.

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