by Lyle Smith

HGST FlashMAX II Now Available In Oracle Validated Configuration

HGST (Virident) has announced the availability of an Oracle Validated Configuration for FlashMAX II in addition to HP ProLiant running Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and Oracle Database 12c. With the Oracle Validated Configuration program, system implementation and deployment is simplified with its pre-tested and validated architecture, including software, hardware, storage, and network components. Virident FlashMAX Connect software suite allows Oracle administrators to confidently configure Oracle Real Application Clusters distributed across multiple FlashMAX II PCIe cards. This combination provides a flexible, all-flash server-side storage pool of up to 72TB per node, which reduces storage performance bottlenecks and creates a distributed and reliable storage architecture.

Administrators can take advantage of FlashMAX Connect’s vShare features to provide low-latency shared access to PCIe flash between servers as well as using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for volume management and data mirroring across cluster nodes in order to improve manage shared flash resources across an organization.

FlashMAX II is a solution that provides enterprises with both performance and high storage capacity in a small footprint. Capacities of FlashMAX PCIe SSDs range from 550GB to 4.8TB. Because of its half-length by half-height form factor, the FlashMAX can fit into virtually any server that uses high capacity in a single low-profile card, allowing organizations to maximize the use of valuable data center space and reduce data center sprawl.

FlashMAX Connect software builds on the FlashMAX II hardware platform by adding flash-aware network-level storage capabilities. With FlashMAX Connect, Oracle Database administrators can deploy applications on flash storage that use shared block-level access and create high availability across servers, all the while keeping the low-latency advantages of PCIe-attached flash.


FlashMAX II and Virident FlashMAX Connect for Oracle Real Application Clusters are now available.

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