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HGST Ultrastar C15K600 Family of Enterprise-Class HDDs Now Shipping

HGST has announced it is now shipping the Ultrastar C15K600 family, a new line of high-performance, high-capacity, 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF), 15K RPM enterprise-class hard disk drives. The new Ultrastar C15K600 HDDs offers best-in-class performance and capacity in one streamlined solution, which makes way for higher density and higher performing servers, blades and network storage arrays all while reducing space requirements, lowering cooling costs and improving total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Ultrastar C15K600 is designed to support demanding 24/7 enterprise workloads such as on-line transaction processing and intensive data analytics, while delivering the highest 15K HDD performance on the market. This is achieved through various innovations including HGST’s media caching technology, which provides a large caching mechanism for incoming data resulting in substantially improved write performance over solutions that have limited NAND or flash-based non-volatile cache. As a result, random write performance is twice as fast as current generation 2.5-inch 15K drives, and two and a half times faster than 3.5-inch 15K drives. Additionally, the C15K600 is the only 2.5-inch enterprise-class HDD family that is equipped with a SAS 12Gb/s interface as well as a 128MB cache buffer for optimized read/write response time for reliable high-performance computing. The new HDD line also delivers leading enterprise-class specifications including 2M hours MTBF, and an annualize failure rate (AFR) of 0.44 percent.

The Ultrastar C15K600 satisfies the need for improved storage density by doubling the capacity of current generation 2.5-inch 15K drives (in the HGST portfolio) and matching the highest capacity point of 3.5-inch 15K drives. Additionally, its 600GB capacity match allows for a much easier transition for enterprise customers who are changing from 3.5-inch to 2.5-inch HDD platforms, all the while benefitting from higher performance and lower power. With many customers supporting both new and legacy systems, the 15K Ultrastar C15K600 family will also be offered in 512e, 512n and 4K Advanced Format.

With security features like Instant Secure Erase (ISE), Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enterprise SSC-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives (SED), and TCG enterprise SED with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 certification, Level 2, the new Ultrastar C15K600 SAS 15K HDD line offers one of the broadest ranges of security and encryption options on the market. 

As part of this release, HGST also announced that its enterprise-class Ultrastar 12Gb/s SAS SSDs are certified and conform to FIPS 140-2, Level 2.  HGST’s 12Gb/s SAS SSDs are the industry’s highest performing and most advanced family of enterprise-class SAS SSDs designed for the most resource-heavy applications including high-frequency trading, online banking, cloud computing, and big data analytics. FIPS 140-2 is the standard in IT security for use in government and regulated industries that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive, but unclassified, information.

The 512n and 4Kn versions of the Ultrastar C15K600 hard drive family are now available and are currently being qualified by select OEMs. The 512e version will be released sometime this summer. The newly FIPS 140-2 certified Ultrastar 12GB/s SAS SSDs are currently shipping. All drives are backed with a five-year limited warranty.

Ultrastar C15K600 Product Information

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