by Adam Armstrong

High-End Storage Platform, HPE Primera, Unveiled At Discover

Today at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced its new high-end storage platform, HPE Primera. Primera is designed for “all” mission-critical applications and leverages the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform, HPE InfoSight. HPE Primera will both expand and advance the companies Intelligent Data Platform portfolio that is designed to accelerate application performance, transform data management, harness the agility of all clouds, and empower businesses by unlocking hidden insights within data in real time.

Data is becoming ever more important, often touted as the new or future currency. However, unlike currency, data has to be easy to find and actionable for it to have immediate value. With the sheer volume of data being generated it is difficult for any organization to easily manage and retrieve data. As companies expand into hybrid environments, it becomes even more important for the data to be appropriately managed. This is where an intelligent data strategy can give customers a leg up on their competitors. 

What is the HPE Intelligent Data Platform?

Through the leveraging of AI by way of HPE InfoSight, the HPE Intelligent Data Platform helps customers overcome the above challenges. As we said previously, HPE InfoSight goes beyond storage and looks at millions of sensors across all of its customers to gather information that will help it predict and prevent several issues. With its AI and ML capabilities, HPE InfoSight can deliver autonomous, self-managing data storage. According to the company, HPE InfoSight has analyzed application patterns across 1,250 trillion data points over the last decade to predict and prevent disruptions across storage, servers, and virtual machines, resulting in savings of over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity due to downtime.

HPE Infosight is the foundation that HPE Primera is built off of, creating an end-to-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage. As more organizations bring new mission-critical applications to market (as well as continue to support their existing ones), they need an intelligent storage platform to give them agility and performance while not hampering their IT’s ability to keep up the the new demands. 

Benefits and capabilities include:

  • Global Intelligence: HPE Primera is built on an advanced AI for infrastructure operations, HPE InfoSight. HPE InfoSight is now more deeply integrated by being embedded in the array for real-time analytics to ensure consistent performance for application workloads.
  • All-Active Architecture: HPE Primera is a unique, massively parallel, and multi-node platform built from the ground up for NVMe and Storage Class Memory. Combined with global intelligence, the HPE Primera all-active architecture raises the bar on mission-critical reliability, and delivers self-optimizing, limitless parallelization for high and consistent performance at scale, including 122% faster Oracle performance.
  • Services-Centric OS: The HPE Primera OS brings simplicity and advanced data services to mission-critical applications. It is designed for transparent upgrades, and deploying and upgrading data services independently. For the first time, high-end storage has a consumer-grade user experience, enabling the OS to be transparently upgraded by a customer without pre-planning or manual tuning. 
  • 100% Availability Guarantee: Building on Global Intelligence and all-active architecture, HPE Primera comes standard with a 100% data availability guarantee without requiring special contracts or onerous terms.
  • Timeless Storage: HPE Primera transforms the ownership experience with data-in-place upgrades, free controller refresh, all-inclusive software, and data reduction and availability guarantees. These capabilities allow customers to avoid the typical complexity tied to traditional storage, including forklift upgrades and hidden costs.
  • As-a-Service Experience via HPE GreenLake: Customers can also deploy HPE Primera as-a-Service with a fully managed experience. Data scales elastically with the needs of the business, unlocking agility, and customers can only pay for what they use.

HPE Primera Availability

The new HPE storage solution is expected to be ready to order in the third financial quarter of this year. 


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