by Charles Jefferies

HighPoint Technologies Announces HBA with 32 Ports

HighPoint Technologies has announced its new high port-count PCI-Express x16 SAS 6Gb/s HBAs. These new additions to the RocketRAID line are available with up to 32 ports with bandwidth up to 19,200MB/s.

The new HBA combines multiple SAS controllers to maximize performance. HighPoint also has a full line of software solutions for all high port-count HBAs; the packages include HighPoint's real-time System Management Interface. Available packages include:

SAS Expander Solutions - support up to 128 SAS/SATA solutions, 384TB of storage, and is compatible with LSI SAS Expanders.
SAS JBOD Solutions - tailored for high performance or high capacity. Up to 96 SATA devices are supported by each HBA; 9,600MB/s maximum bandwidth.
Direct Connectivity Solutions - an industry-first 32-port SAS/SATA PCI-E 2.0 x16 HBA; directly supports up to 96TB of storage.
Pricing and Availability - HighPoint high port-count HBA products are available immediately.

  • RR2782 (24-port internal/8port external):  TBA
  • RR2760 (24-port internal): $699.00                         
  • RR2740 (16-port internal): $449.00
  • RR2744 (16-port external):$499.00

Distribution Channels: ASI, D&H Distribution, MaLabs, Avnet

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