by Mark Kidd

Hitachi Data Systems Announces New Flash Controller and Flash Portfolio Integration Strategy

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced a roadmap to incorporate new flash management technology based on Hitachi intellectual property across its portfolio of enterprise and midrange IT solutions. This new strategy will be inaugurated by the immediate availability of new flash acceleration for Hitachi’s Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) that enables it to achieve more than 1,000,000 random read IOPS. 
This enhancement also allows VSP customers to increase virtual machine density by up to 100% and according to Hitachi benchmarks lowers I/O response time by up to 65%. The new performance option is enabled nondisruptively with a single license key, transparently raising the scalability limit of VSP by up to 3 times. On average, Hitachi expects VSP customers to see two times more performance with typical OLTP workloads.
The Hitachi Data Systems flash roadmap spans across servers, storage, and appliances to support compute acceleration, caching and high-performance storage media use cases. The foundation of this strategy is a new flash memory controller developed by Hitachi which promises sustained throughput 4 times greater than Hitachi’s current SSDs based on MLC technology. The new controller is also expected to offer more than 5 years endurance for enterprise workloads along with inline zero block compression and secure erase functions.
VSP customers can contact their Hitachi Data Systems representative to secure a trial license for the update. This feature is available to new customers today, as well as to existing VSP customers through a microcode update.
Hitachi Data Systems

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