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Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Expands Its Managed Services

Today at Hitachi NEXT 2017 in Las Vegas, Hitachi Vantara announced that it has expanded Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) portfolio to now address DevOps and containers. HEC with VMware vRealize Automation expands on services it offers for DevOps and Container Support for hybrid cloud deployments inclusive of cloud-native architectures. Hitachi Vantara is also announcing a Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Container Platform that will provide hybrid cloud resources for DevOps that utilize microservices architecture with a turnkey, end-to-end container as a service environment.

Through automation of the creation, deployment and management of container hosts and cloud-native applications as a service, across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure, HEC with VMware vRealize 7.3 expanded support for both DevOps and containers. The new platform helps developers by providing pre-engineered container templates with full support for persistent volumes, improved container networking, container host and image repository management. The platform also allows developers to further enhance their applications to include dynamic networks or micro-segmentation, while administrators can manage the container host infrastructure with SLA driven policy based governance.

Cloud admins and development teams need to collaborate now more than ever. HEC with VMware vRealize 7.3 supports collaboration between the two for traditional, containerized, and hybrid applications. Other new features include the simplification of re-packaging and re-factoring of traditional apps as containers, which allows customers to use a consistent operations model and tools for both traditional and containerized applications. Using vRealize Automation 7.3 will give customers fine-grained control of containers and their hosts throughout their lifecycle.

Born in cloud applications have been great for several companies. However, at some point these companies no longer want to rely on public clouds, this is where Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Container Platform comes in. The platform provides hybrid cloud resources for DevOps that utilize microservices architecture with a turnkey, end-to-end container platform and a ready-to-use container-as-a-service environment. A combination of Hitachi infrastructure and Mesosphere DC/OS, this architecture provides PaaS element integration and user interface, container engine, scheduling, orchestration and workflow, with more than 50 preconfigured container applications, and options for persistent storage and private repository.


Both of the new HEC managed solutions are available through an early customers adoption program. This program helps refine the product before it hits general availability. 

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