by Thomas Sullivan

Hitachi Releases Ultrastar SSD400M MLC-Based Enterprise SSD (FMS 2011)

Update 2/14/2012: Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400M Enterprise SSD Review

Today Hitachi released their new Ultrastar SSD400M, offering SLC-level write endurance using 25nm MLC Intel NAND. With the write endurance levels topping 7.3PB lifetime, or roughly 10 full drive fills per day on the 400GB model for five years, Hitachi is able to bring enterprise-level performance in at a much lower cost. Offered in 200GB and 400GB capacities, the Ultrastar SSD400M is being targeted at datacenters and cloud data companies who need cost-effective 2.5" SAS-interface SSDs.

The new Ultrastar SSD400M is no slouch when it comes to transfer speeds, boasting 495MB/s read and 385MB/s write. Also specified are its sustained 4K random transfer speeds, listed at 56,000 IOps read and 24,000 IOps write. Aimed at replacing platter-based storage in datacenters, the SSD400M offers substantially higher random transfer speeds, which factor into lower performance per watt power figures, or cost savings for large server arrays.

Hitachi is currently shipping qualification samples of the Ultrastar SSD400M, with full production listed as starting later this year in September. Pricing has not been announced, but given the MLC-NAND inside, expect to see pricing below that of similarly sized SLC-based enterprise SSDs.

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