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Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400S.B Enterprise SSD Released

Hitachi has announced the Ultrastar SSD400S.B enterprise SSD, the industry's first to use 25nm SLC NAND. The second generation SSD400S.B leverages a SAS 6Gb/s interface and supports Trusted Computing Group’s Enterprise A Security Subsystem Class encryption specification, which helps protect data and reduces the cost associated with SSD reuse and eventual retirement. Hitachi also offers options self-encrypting drive technology for those who need additional security.

Hitachi has engineered their own firmware and power loss management techniques and is working with Intel for the SSD400S.B's NAND. The 25nm SLC NAND is Intel's latest enterprise NAND technology and delivers on both performance and endurance. The 400GB capacity supports up to 35 petabytes (PB) of random writes over the five year life of the drive which translates to 19.2TB per day. Hitachi has also listed an incredibly-low annual failure rate (AFR) of 0.44%, backing up their claims of high reliability.

Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400S.B Specifications:

  • Capacities Offered
    • 400GB (HUSSL4040BSS600, w/ encryption HUSSL4040BSS601)
    • 200GB (HUSSL4020BSS600, w/ encryption HUSSL4020BSS601)
    • 100GB (HUSSL4010BSS600, w/ encryption HUSSL4010BSS601)
  • SAS 6Gb/s Dual port for enhanced reliability
  • SLC NAND Flash Memory Highest write performance and endurance
  • Endurance Per Capacity (random write): 35PB (400GB) / 18PB (200GB) / 9PB (100GB)
  • Performance:
    • Sequential Read (max MB/s, sequential 64K) - 536MB/s
    • Sequential Write (max MB/s, sequential 64K) - 502MB/s
    • Random 4K Read - 57,500 IOPS Max
    • Random 4K Write - 25,500 IOPS Max
  • Power
    • Operating (W, typical) 5.5
    • Idle (W) 1.7
    • Efficiency (IOPS/Watt) 8,360
  • Error rate (non-recoverable bits read) 1 in 1016
  • Five Year Warranty

The Ultrastar SSD400M released last summer is also based on 25nm NAND, although in that particular application eMLC Intel flash. Our review can be seen here: Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400M Enterprise SSD Review

Ultrastar SSD400S.B Availability

The Ultrastar SSD400S.B SSDs are available in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities in a 2.5" form factor. Hitachi is qualifying the drives with select OEMs now; full availability is scheduled to scale into the middle of this year. 

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