by Adam Armstrong

Hitachi Vantara Expands HEC Family with STaaS

Today Hitachi Vantara announced that it expanded its Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) family. This expansion includes managed private and hybrid cloud “as-a-service” offerings (that will have options for deploying cloud-native application environments). The company is also introducing Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings aimed at on-premises. 

The company’s HEC has been around for two years address the needs of customers looking to accelerate the digital transformations and deal with the changes that occur from this transformation. Along with HEC the company also has an HEC Container Platform pre-engineered as a service offering. This platform provides a public cloud experience for organizations that use data services, DevOps and microservices architectures on premises, with the added ability to deploy and orchestrate across public cloud end points. Updates today add support for cloud-native applications and distributed data services as well as VMware virtualized applications and bare metal applications with the existing HEC with VMware vRealize. This support is delivered in a pay-per-use environment. 

On the Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) news, Hitachi Vantara offers what it calls the industry’s first using a pre-engineered service catalog for on-premise STaaS. Hitachi’s STaaS offering comes with a full set of enterprise services and can be deployed rapidly on premises. The company also offers a STaaS Essentials offering provides basic services comparable to public cloud. Both versions come with an easy-to-use dashboard and pay-per-use consumption model.

Hitachi has added new service classes to its HEC family that define the units of on-demand consumption. These include: The redefined Virtual Capacity Units (VCUs) of HEC with VMware vRealize provide more cost-effective utilization of on-demand resources and provide a new service class optimized for heavy compute workloads such as SAP and Oracle. The newly defined Container Capacity Units (CCUs) of HEC Container Platform are designed to provide highly efficient resource utilization, increased cost efficiency and pricing transparency.


HEC Container Platform is generally available now. 

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