by Adam Armstrong

Hitachi Vantara Release HDID v6

Today Hitachi Vantara announced the general availability of the latest version of its Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID), version 6. HDID v6 can help companies deliver recovery and DRaaS while also helping to eliminate the backup window. Hitachi Vantara states that HDID v6 modernizes IT environments and how data is protected. It also improves data availability something that is becoming increasingly critical.

Every other week or so, there is a high profile data breach. While this is frightening to most, another scary aspect to think about is the amount of data breaches that happen but don’t make the news. The latest version of HDID addresses the above issues while also reducing risks as well as administration costs. Cloud providers can rest a bit easier as well. HDID provides core capabilities to them supplying modern data protection services to their customers thus enhancing their competitiveness and profitability.

According to the company, HDID v6 unites operational recovery, business continuity, disaster recovery and copy-data management capabilities with business-critical application environments. This new version of HDID provides a comprehensive application-programming interface, multitenancy and granular role-based access controls coupled with a highly scalable, whiteboard-style policy engine. Customers, partners, and global system integrators need a solution that addresses the issues with cloud-enabled data recovery solution. Hitachi Vantara’s HDID v6 aims to address these needs.

Benefits include:

  • Aligning user access capabilities to the business’ organizational structure and responsibilities through granular role-based access controls.
  • Delivering recovery and DR as a service for private cloud through a functional, rich REST API.
  • Simplifying complex business continuity policies through a whiteboard-based, highly scalable user interface.   
  • Protecting from ransomware through automation of storage-assisted volume-locking functionality to enable fast, full recovery.


HDID v6 is generally available now.

Hitachi Data Instance Director

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