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HP Announces HP ZCentral

HP has announced HP ZCentral, dubbed by the company as the world’s first single-sourced remote workstation solution. Specifically, ZCentral will centralize high-end computer power in a single location, which will help promote remote, mobile and fluid workstyles for power-users working in graphics-intensive application environments. With ZCentral, the company combines Z by HP racked high-performance workstations, next-gen ZCentral Remote Boost software, and new proprietary ZCentral Connect software to improve user workflow. HP will deliver the full end-to-end ZCentral solutions to partners across various industries, including AEC, Data Science, Media and Entertainment, and Oil and Gas, among others.

With ZCentral, HP claims that IT departments will gain predictable and dedicated remote performance coupled with an easy way to securely manage these connections. Moreover, ZCentral is designed to lessen both the hurdles and costs that are inherent in managing various platforms and devices while offering secure remote access to users. HP adds that it will boast 16%-33% higher performance, at 59%-72% of the cost compared to “today’s virtualized workstations”.

With the new ZCentral Remote Boost software, ZCentral can provide dedicated performance through a secure and stable remote workstation connection. As a result, users will see high-performance in areas such as VFX, simulation and 3D. ZCentral Remote Boost is compatible with Windows, Linux or MacOS devices.

ZCentral also features “Connect” software, which makes it easy for IT departments to assign workstations and monitor connections and logins all through one user-friendly interface. This simplicity also extends to users connecting to dedicated, centralized compute or when they need to access the next available workstation within an assigned pool of centralized workstations. With ZCentral Connect and ZCentral Remote Boost connection, HP indicates workstations will be secure and centralized. Moreover, only encrypted pixels are sent over the network, creating high security at the source.

HP indicates the following benefits for ZCentral:

  • Efficiency gains with fast load times for large projects in remote locations (co-located data and compute for security and faster load times), protecting company data on secure workstations – racked Z by HP workstations.
  • IT departments can share a pool of workstations to each user in a new flexible way by managing connections remotely on one simple interface with ZCentral Connect Software
  • Power users can tap into Z Workstation performance and work as if they are local even with a thin and light device via ZCentral Remote Boost Software  
  • IT departments can equip workforces with a variety of end-point devices from Thin Clients to Notebooks and Convertibles and regardless of the device, power users can upgrade to dedicated workstation performance for the ISV applications they use, when they need them. 

Availability and pricing

Z by HP Desktop workstations with rack mounting and HP RGS are available now, while HP ZCentral Remote Boost and Connect software are slated for a release in early 2020 (though the beta is available for current customers as of this announcement). Pricing will be determined at a later date. 

HP ZCentral

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