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HP Announces Its Most Powerful Thin Client & Other VDI Solutions

Ahead of VMworld 2019 next week, HP announced today what it is referring to as the world’s most powerful thin client, the HP t740. The company is also announcing a self-defending thin client in the HP t640. For other VDI solutions the company is announcing HP ThinPro PC Converter and HP Device Manager 5.0. 

Thin clients have firmly found their niche and are now expanding in adoption. As more and more companies move to or start in the cloud, thin clients become an attractive option. HP is revamping its already impressive line of thin clients to be even more powerful, secure, and easier to manage. 

On the more powerful front is the HP t740. The t740 is aimed at graphics- intensive virtual, cloud, and local computing environments. Aside from being powerful (supporting up to four UHD/4K displays), the t740 is aimed to be futureproof and secure. Benefits include:

  • Powerful performance with AMD’s Ryzen V1756B processor
  • Native support for four UHD/4K displays
  • Configurable PCIe expansion slot supporting discrete graphics, network and I/O card options
  • Option to add an AMD Radeon graphics card boosting support from native four UHD/4K displays to six UHD/4K displays
  • AMD MemoryGuard technology, only available for HP thin client customers, providing real-time memory encryption to guard against cold-boot attacks.
  • Flash storage up to 512GB and system memory up to 32GB
  • Fiber Optic NIC option that offers the highest level of secure network connectivity
  • Expanded operating temperature range of up to 55 deg C

Geared for secure, productivity, the HP t640 is ideal for hybrid local and virtual computing workloads. This thin client has built-in security features, including what HP is calling, the world’s first self-defending thin client. Benefits include:

  • AMD MemoryGuard technology, only available for HP thin client customers, providing real-time memory encryption to guard against cold-boot attacks.
  • Mainstream processing and graphics power from an AMD Ryzen R1506G processor
  • Latest memory and flash technologies provide fast remote and local computing
  • Native support for three UHD/4K displays
  • Single cable USB-C power and video to reduce cable clutter
  • Up to 35 various subsystem options offering versatility for end users and use cases
  • Certification to meet EN/IEC 60601-1-2 technical standards for safety in healthcare environments
  • Unique airflow design that enables mounting and orientation in a variety of ways for multiple use cases and tasks

Thin clients offer several benefits, a major one being cost. However, some companies that want to switch over to thin clients or VDI may already have a lot of legacy gear that will no longer be used. Instead of disposing of these devices and replacing them with new thin clients, HP offers its ThinPro PC Converter software to convert any existing PCs into an HP thin client. ThinPro PC Converter replaces the existing OS with software optimized-for-VDI HP ThinPro operating system. Benefits include:

  • Maximizing the value of existing devices: Increase the life of existing desktops, notebooks, and thin clients when replacing the device’s existing OS with a Linux-based HP ThinPro. Alternatively, boot up in HP ThinPro with a USB drive to preserve the current system, ideal for companies managing bring-your-own-device environments.
  • Multi-layered security: Deliver secure virtualization with HP ThinPro’s embedded security features, lower virus attack rates, and a read-only locked file system to help prevent unauthorized updates.
  • Simplified device management: Centrally manage all devices and data through the HP Device Manager console, included with HP ThinPro PC Converter.

HP has also updated its Device Manager to version 5.0. HP Device Manager 5.0 gives IT administrators a way to remotely deploy, update, and manage up to thousands of HP Thin Clients. The tool is included with all HP thin clients at no extra cost. New features and beneftis include:

  • Centralized management and monitoring: A simple, powerful admin tool that allows IT to remotely configure, update, and troubleshoot HP Thin Clients. Automate certain tasks with pre-built templates that use rules by folder to create configurable deployments.
  • Flexible and intuitive experiences: Enable IT to keep track of what’s important with a tool that sets up in minutes. Customize the interface with easy drag-and-drop support for multiple displays or use the web-based console for quick access and role-based task delegation from anywhere.
  • Powerful console built for scale: Operate across large enterprise deployments with support for 64-bit applications and scalable memory, performance, and reliability.

Availability and Pricing

  • The HP t740 is expected to be available on September 26 starting at $651.
  • The HP t640 is expected to be available on September 16 starting at $514.
  • The HP ThinPro PC Converter with 1-year maintenance and support is available today starting at $122.
  • HP Device Manager 5.0 is available now and comes at no additional cost with the purchase of any HP Thin Client.

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