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HP Announces New Thin Client Solutions

Today HP Inc. announced a few thin client solutions that designed to support companies as they transition their computing workloads to the cloud. HP is announcing a new Thin Client, the t630, an updated thin client operating system (OS), ThinPro 6, and the industry’s first zero client support for VMware Blast Extreme. HP claims that this trio of new Thin Client solutions will provide powerful and secure resources for end-users manipulating rich content in the cloud.

More and more organizations are turning to the cloud to save on costs as well as lowering the demands placed on their IT resources. At the same time, the workloads in the cloud have been growing more powerful and need powerful tools on the end-user side to handle them. While HP has been addressing these issues with Thin Client solutions for some time the announcements today further expand what their Thin Client solutions can support.

The t630 is not the most powerful Thin Client HP has debuted, the t730 is already more powerful, but the t630 is being marketed as a PC desktop replacement. The t630 is a powerful thin client with up to 128GB of Flash and 12GB of DRAM. It also supports two displays up to 4K resolution, with its integrated AMD Radeon graphics engine support, and has more than enough ports for most use cases (3 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, an RJ-45 port, a serial port, mouse and keyboard ports, as well as two optional I/O ports that are configurable). The t630 is for ideal use where the needs of central management, strong security, as well as the ability to render high-resolution graphics such as financial services, federal/government/military, retial, and healthcare.

While HP does give customers a choice of OS, they do have their own the newly updated ThinPro 6. This 64-bit, Linux-based OS is built for the demanding cloud-based environments of all HP Thin Clients. The new OS is powerful, flexible and customizable, which lowers the maintenance burdens of IT. More importantly it is secure. Not only do Linux-based OS attract fewer viruses, ThinPro 6 comes with standard security features such as:

  • No local Data
  • Certified TPM 2.0
  • BIOS designed to National Institute of Standards and Technology spec
  • Windows with Write Filter intrusion protection

HP is also announcing Zero Clients that support VMware Blast. VMware Blast is a display protocol based on the H.264 or MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard for encoding and decoding. The protocol helps improve mobile and desktop thin client performance and end-user experiences when manipulating H.264 content in spite of any network lag. VMware Blast also works with HP True Graphics software.

Availability and pricing

The HP t630 Thin Client, ThinPro 6, and VMware Blast are all expected to be available next month. The HP t630 will have a starting price of $469.

HP Thin Clients

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