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HP Announces Updates To Its Zero Clients

HP has announced updates for its HP t310 and HP t310 All-in-One Zero clients. These updates will ease connectivity and collaboration in the cloud. The new updates are coupled with the release of Teradici firmware version 4.8.0.

We first mentioned Teradici software in our Dell Precision Tower 7810 review. Adding this software to zero clients eases management and simplifies IT with no OS, codecs, or software to maintain. The latest firmware update further improves upon these points by giving HP t310 and HP t310 All-in-One customers greater security, improved user experience, and enhanced user productivity while simplifying tasks for IT administrators using cloud-based desktops in VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces environments

New features include:

  • Improved VoIP audio calls for desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions with Amazon WorkSpaces
  • A simplified interface for VMware Horizon RDS apps
  • Intuitive logons with Imprivata OneSign
  • Added Smart Card support
  • Encryption-based security lifts

Enhancements of the Teradici firmware update include:

  • Bria Virtualized Edition softphone client solution from CounterPath: This updated softphone solution helps users effectively manage inbound calls, along with improved inbound ringer audio play on both the external speaker and headset. Available for HP Zero Client users, these updates work in both VDI and Amazon WorkSpaces DaaS environments.
  • Simplified access to VMware Horizon RDS applications: An intuitive user interface now enables HP Zero Client users to quickly select their specified VMware Horizon RDS app in full screen mode, then easily re-select and use the required app from their published list.
  • Automatic Smart Card insertion: Smart Card insertion now automatically initiates communication with the connection broker – eliminating the manual process to access accounts and pressing the on-screen display connect button.
  • Imprivata OneSign recall logon: For HP Zero Client deployments with multiple OneSign domain names, users will now be able to quickly select their frequently used logon domain – eliminating the need to look up a long list just to access individual accounts.
  • Gemalto IDCore 3020 Smart Card added support: The list of supported Smart Cards has now expanded for HP Zero Clients.
  • Failover VCS address for Imprivata OneSign environments: Access VMware Horizon desktop when the Imprivata OneSign infrastructure is unavailable.
  • SHA-2 security update (SHA-1 Deprecation): Increased security using current encryption methods.

Availability and pricing

The new features will be included on HP t310 and HP t310 All-in-One later this month. The features are available with the Teradici firmware version 4.8.0 for Tera2 Zero Clients. The features are also available for existing HP t310 and HP t310 All-in-One with a free firmware flash and download from HP’s support site.

The HP t310 and HP t310 All-in-One Zero clients are available now starting at $345.00 and $529.00 respectively.

HP t310 Zero client

HP t310 All-in-One Zero client

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