by Josh Shaman

HP Data Protector 8 Announced

HP Data Protector 8 is the newest version of the company's backup and recovery software which can scale to accommodate thousands of clients and as many as 100,000 sessions daily. Additionally, Data Protector 8 can manage up to 1 trillion unique filenames, a figure over 100x larger than that of competing products, and it enables protection for up to 50,000 clients in a single management environment and offers throughput up to 144TB/hr. The software is a comprehensive approach to data protection across primary storage, disk backup and tape archives. HP Data Protector 8 also features bandwidth control so that administrators can configure max bandwidth allocations for backups. This ensures that critical data is protected and cuts the costs associated with needing a dedicated network.

HP Data Protector 8 not only supports a wide range of third-party devices, it integrates support for HP Storage solutions. One of the software packages that Data Protector 8 supports is HP StoreOnce VSA which we are also covering. StoreOnce VSA is designed for software-defined virtualized remote offices. The support from Data Protector 8 enables federated deduplication to take place at any point in the backup process, including the application source, backup server, and a physical or virtual target system. This integration enables administrators to have a single point of control for dedupe, backup and recovery and disaster recovery.

HP 3PAR StoreServ users also gain access to Data Protector’s Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB). This capability was recently broadened to cover Oracle and SAP on HP-UX, and it provides extensive snapshot management to protect application data by producing extra copies to deduplicated secondary storage while making no impact on the production environment.

Rounding out the integration enhancements, Data Protector 8 also enables VMs to be restored as new instances without overwriting the existing VM. It also introduces smart caching on the backup host for 20% greater VMware backup performance.


HP Data Protector 8 is currently available worldwide.

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