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HP Introduces New Open, Hyperscale Servers

HP announced today at the Open Compute Summit that they were introducing a new family of compute platforms, HP Cloudline. These new platforms are designed to enable service providers, that are running hyperscale IT architectures, to maximize their data center efficiency and increase cloud service agility. Along with the Cloudline servers, HP announced a new portfolio that is also aimed at service providers. These new services include HP Service Provider Growth Suite and HP Datacenter Care for Service Providers.

HP Cloudline

Continuing on its open infrastructure vision, HP is extending that vision from cloud and network switches to now include servers. A result of its venture with Foxconn, Cloudline delivers global scale, support, services, and management that service providers require through a combination of HP's compute and service leadership with the high-volume benefits of original design manufacturer sourcing model. Cloudline enables customers to use HP's trusted brand name and its global reach to minimize risks.

Cloudline is built on open design philosophy and supports open management tools such as OpenStack, and leverages common industry interfaces, such as IPMI, in hardware and firmware. Using common and open components will help foster adaptation and facilitate IT integration. Cloudline is optimized for workloads including cloud, web servers, content delivery, hosting, and Big Data. Cloudline is also optimized for HP Helion enabling developers to rapidly build and deploy cloud-native applications with a highly scalable infrastructure.

Cloudline servers currently include:

  • CL7300 – A 2P server sled for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • CL7100 – A 2P server sled for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • CL2200 – A high-capacity, low-cost 2U 2P server for big data and storage-intensive cloud applications.
  • CL2100 – A multipurpose 1U 2P server for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • CL1100 – A low-cost 1U 2P server made to deliver efficient front-end web performance.

HP Service Provider Growth Suite

HP Financial Services provides businesses with the flexibility that they need for creating and delivering new services as customers demand them. The new suite focuses on investment and asset management solutions to aide companies to speed migration efforts and create investment capacity within existing environments, and help to reduce upfront costs while providing support for modernization efforts. The suite also establishes an asset-lite environment and build unique technology deployment models that help better align costs to recurring revenue streams.

HP PartnerOne Service Provider Program

HP announced its PartnerOne Service Provider program that allows service providers around the world to deliver hosting, managed and cloud-based services that meet the most stringent business needs. This allows service providers to partner with HP and use its brand and global reach to offer more streamlined and integrated offerings to help grow the business.

HP Datacenter Care for Service Providers

This new service from HP gives service providers comprehensive and personalized support and management of heterogeneous data centers. The support provided by HP will help reduce complexity and risk, save time and costs, improve availability and performance, and free staff to concentrate on innovation.


HP Cloudline Servers are expected to be available for order on March 30, 2015. HP Service Provider Growth Suite and HP Datacenter Care for Service Providers are available now.

HP Service Provider Programs

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