by Lyle Smith

HP Storage Control Module and Insight Control For vCenter Updated

HP has announced the newest version of HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter, version 7.1. Control Storage Module is a plug-in for VMware's vCenter management console, enabling VMware administrators to quickly obtain context-aware information about the HP storage in their VMware environment directly from vCenter.

HP Storage Control Module for vCenter v7.1 Updates:

  • New Web Client Graphical User Interface introduced in vCenter with vSphere 5.1. The plug-in for the legacy vCenter .Net Client Graphical User Interface remains available in this release.
  • Active management for 3PAR arrays, including the ability to perform storage provisioning operations such as adding a new datastore, deleting or expanding an existing datastore, creating new VMs from a template, and cloning existing VMs.

Additionally, a new version of HP Insight Control for vCenter Server is now available, which delivers powerful HP server management capabilities to VMware administrators by enabling comprehensive deployment, provisioning, monitoring, remote control and power optimization directly from the vCenter console.

Highlights of HP Insight Control for vCenter Server include:

  • Monitor and manage the physical/virtual relationships between the VMware Virtual Machines & ESX servers and the HP arrays:
    • Map VMware/virtual environment and provide detailed information about the HP storage being used
    • Create/Expand/Delete datastores on HP arrays
    • Create a Virtual Machine from a template on HP arrays
    • Delete an unassigned volume
  • Includes support for vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA), which enables vCenter to query and capture the capabilities of HP arrays and make use of the new vSphere 5 Storage DRS and Profile-Driven Storage features
  • Available for the following arrays: 3PAR, MSA, EVA, XP, and LeftHand including the Virtual SAN Appliance. Details pertaining to the specific array models and firmware/OS technical prerequisites are available in SPOCK (Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge for HP Storage Products) now. Note an HP Passport ID is required to access SPOCK.
  • Fully compatible with the newest version of VMware, vSphere 5.1


The HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter v.7.1 is now available as a free download.

HP Insight Control for vCenter Server

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