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HP t310 Quad-Display Zero Client Announced

HP has announced the HP t310 with Quad-Display, the newest addition to their Zero Client portfolio. Featuring high-performance and effective protection against security breaches, the new book-sized HP t310 Quad-Display Zero Client is designed for multitasking across multiple monitors (upwards of four displays simultaneously) without adding additional components and supports. Back in November of last year, HP announced the t730, the world's first thin client with native Quad UHD/4K support.

Because it offers computing solutions that have no sensitive data on the devices, HP indicates that their new t310 line is ideal for use cases such as hospitals, engineering firms, government offices and financial institutions at risk of data breaches.

In addition, HP Zero Clients can boot up in just a few seconds, do not require any configuration and have no on-board storage or applications. They are also touted as being immune to viruses, which helps to decrease the overall downtime of the system while increasing the productivity to the end-user. HP adds that their Zero Clients offer a highly effective processor designed specifically for the PCoIP protocol.

The HP t310 Quad-Display Zero Client includes:

  • DisplayPort-enabled multi-display setup to run multiple graphics, modeling, and simulation feeds on two 2560x1600 displays or four 1920x1200 displays.
  • Worry-free security with a Teradici Zero Client that has no OS and transmits pixels instead of data.
  • Powerful performance for high-resolution, full-frame rate 3D graphics and HD streaming media across all your displays from the accelerated performance of PCoIP hardware.
  • Full-blown VDI, video rendering to quad displays or all with a true driverless and stateless Zero Client.
  • VMware Horizon 6 for an optimized, on-demand, and secure virtual workspace for remote desktops, applications, and video streams on a single, efficient platform.
  • Compatibility with Amazon WorkSpaces enables easy provisioning of cloud-based desktops so your users can access their documents, applications, resources, and more.
  • Support for unified communications (UC) solutions to stay in contact with colleagues.                                            
  • Flexible network connectivity with the standard RJ-45 interface or an optional Fiber Optic network adapter.
  • Four DisplayPort outputs, four USB 2.0, and audio, mic, and speaker jacks.

HP t310 Quad-Display Zero Client

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