by Lyle Smith

HP Thin Client Conversion Suite Announced

At Citrix Synergy 2017, HP has unveiled the new HP Thin Client Conversion Suite, software designed to accelerate the transition from traditional local computing strategies to a new VDI or other cloud-centric solutions.  HP’s new software suite repurposes older PCs into thin client solutions that support a range of backend systems. It also does this while maintaining the existing operating system, which helps to reduce risk and lower costs for training and hardware.

The HP Thin Client Conversion Suite allows IT administrators to “confidently secure and control” devices, giving them the ability to customize the end-user experience. Moreover, it uses all existing management tools and has an identical management interface across all repurposed PCs and thin clients. HP indicates that their Thin Client Conversion Suite offers seamless device management as well as the ability to be quickly deployed in specific user-defined configurations on many devices, simultaneously, at multiple locations. HP adds that this software also limits local changes and prevents unauthorized software installations.

HP Thin Client Conversion Suite includes:

  • HP Write Manager sports an all-new design makes configuration changes and custom profile setups simple with minimal end-user interruptions that can increase performance and reliability both for repurposed PCs and all HP Thin Clients.
  • HP Device Manager allows you to configure, manage, maintain and update your install base and security certificate assignments all from one interface. 
  • HP Easy Shell offers quick, simple and customizable and provides a clean streamlined experience for HP Thin Client Windows Embedded environments.
  • HP USB Port Manager features the ability to block all USB devices, allow only certain USB devices, and set access to USB mass storage devices as read-only.  
  • HP Velocity optimizes the user experience and is especially suited for challenging network environments and improving the user experience for virtualized applications.

Pricing and Availability

The HP Thin Client Conversion Suite is slated for a June release for approximately $149.00.

HP Thin Client Conversion Suite

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