by Adam Armstrong

HPE Accelerates Its ITOM Through Containers

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that it has launched containerized versions of its HPE IT Operations Management (ITOM) suites. HPE states that these new containerized ITOM suites will be able to accelerate and streamline the continuous operations of customers’ hybrid cloud and on-premise operational environments. The four suites include Hybrid Cloud Management, Data Center Automation, Operations Bridge, and IT Service Management Automation. The suites will be delivered using Docker containers and will feature native container lifecycle management functions to ease their introduction.

Traditional IT deployments need to get with the modernization that is taking off across the industry. Those that don’t could potentially suffer as a result. HPE is helping companies address this issue with its new containerized ITOM suites. IT resources will have a common delivery and deployment structure to enable them to achieve continuous operations. With the use of containers, HPE states that customers can now rapidly deploy or upgrade analytics-driven ITOM suites in a matter of minutes.

According to HPE, the HPE IT Operations Management suites are designed to help organizations deploy and manage modern, container-based applications at scale, with consistent user experience and collaboration.

Capabilities of ITOM’s four suites include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Management – Enables the service design and deployment of new container-based applications, including ready to consume development testing environments and rapid application releases.
  • Data Center Automation – Delivers container, hardware and host operating system provisioning with compliance.
  • Operations Bridge – Improves speed and responsiveness of operations teams by enabling the monitoring and troubleshooting of container infrastructure and applications.
  • IT Service Management Automation – Provides analytics driven service management, as well as automated discovery and configuration management to support container-based applications.


The container deployment foundation-based versions of IT Service Management Automation, Operations Bridge, Data Center Automation and Hybrid Cloud Management are available starting today with updates delivered on a quarterly basis.


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