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HPE and Paramount Partner to Show the World 250 Years in the Future

A unique collaboration between the film and storage industry has been announced, as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) partners with Paramount Pictures to “imagine technology 250 years into the future” in promotion of the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film, which will hit theaters worldwide on July 20. The newest Trek film created various futuristic concept technologies using HPE’s The Machine, an on-going research project being developed by the company. To help bring the Star Trek film to life, HPE designers and researchers worked closely together with the film’s production team in order to build futuristic technologies that might one day be powered by The Machine.

The main purpose of HPE’s The Machine is to reinvent present day computing architecture, including smart phones, data centers, and super computers. Moreover, HPE is determined to eliminate the limitations of today’s computing, which will help promote a giant leap forward in both computing performance and efficiency.

For example, HPE’s The Machine will eventually use light (i.e. photonics) to communicate, as opposed to copper wires. Additionally, HPE wants to completely eliminate the “save” button and instead establish a technology that can capture and remember everything in memory as it is created; even when it is turned off. HPE also plans to “revolutionize” how security is embedded throughout a computer using The Machine.

While those technologies seem to be long-term goals, The Machine is also addressing technological challenges that we will face in the near future. Some of these issues include dealing with the huge quantities of data generated through connected devices and the ability to translate health data from millions of people into solutions for the healthcare industry.

The new HPE advertising campaign has been dubbed “Accelerating Beyond” and will feature Star Trek Starfleet Academy recruits in a world powered by The Machine 250 years in the future. HPE indicates that it will demonstrate the progress that could potentially be made by that time and thus may one day be possible through The Machine technology. This campaign will include one minute and 30 second television ads will be shot in Iceland along with digital treatments. Both of these TV spots will debut at HPE’s Discover Las Vegas conference on June 7-9 with a nationwide rotation on July 1.

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