by Michael Rink

HPE Announcements From Discover Madrid 2018

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is using HPE Discover Madrid 2018 to announce advancements in its Artificial Intelligent (AI) ops platform, HPE InfoSight; global expansion of HPE Cloud Volumes, a multicloud storage service; HPE Memory-Driven Flash, a new class of enterprise storage built with storage class memory (SCM) and NVMe.

HPE announced that they are adding machine-learned intelligence aimed at reducing manual work when planning for new workloads to their InfoSight ops platform. HPE is expanding InfoSight’s cross-stack recommendations to the virtualization layer and will now provide guidance on where to best place customer’s data. InfoSight will also offer an AI resource planner that HPE hopes will help optimize workload placement across all available resources. Done right, this should reduce the risk of disruption when deploying new workloads and reduce time commitments from IT teams. Finally, HPE is trying to add InfoSight support to locations with restricted access to the cloud by delivering on premise insights for HPE 3PAR and identify performance bottlenecks.

Cloud Volumes is HPEs multi-cloud storage service. It provides support for container platforms like Docker and Kubernetes as well as HPEs in house services. HPE is now experimenting with taking this service global by expanding into UK & Ireland next year. They’ve also recently completed SoC 2 Type 1 certification as well as HIPAA compliance for healthcare customers.

HPE is rolling out Memory-Driven Flash in December 2018 (just a few days away now) for HPE 3PAR as a simple, non-disruptive upgrade, and is expected in 2019 for HPE Nimble Storage. Memory-Driven flash is what HPE is calling their new class of storage built with with SCM and NVMe for HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage. It is expected to lower latency compared to their current offering. HPE is even claiming that it will be 50% faster than all-flash arrays with NVMe solid state drives.

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