by Adam Armstrong

HPE Announces New Analytics Tools For Apps

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the availability of its new Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software suite, HPE AppPulse Trace. This new addition to the APM portfolio enables developers to leverage application analytics to pinpoint and fix issues at their source, down to the exact line of code and server.

Developers need their apps to perform and respond the way more and more customers are starting to demand. In order to develop apps in a timely manner that meets these customer demands developers need new tools, which is where AppPulse Trace comes in. This new suite leverages the tremendous volumes of data produced by applications and the end user interactions to aid develops in making new and better applications.

The HPE AppPulse Trace suite is integrated with HPE Vertica, as well as HPE Application Delivery Management and HPE IT Operations Management software portfolios. Vertica is HPE’s advanced analytics engine and helps give developers insight into where errors are occurring and affecting their customers.  The Suite consists of three fully integrated modules:

  • HPE AppPulse Active: enables developers to emulate real-user behavior, using scripts and synthetic transaction robots to identify problems and fix them before putting applications into production.
  • HPE AppPulse Mobile: allows customers to track the digital user experience of mobile apps in production, by giving developers and DevOps teams real-user data to help them prioritize issues that impact users and show the health of an app at a single glance.
  • HPE AppPulse Trace: gives application development teams the ability to find errors before they reach end-users, by isolating the problem down to the line of code to fix it quickly, saving them time and money

Key features include:

  • Tracing exact line of code: HPE AppPulse Trace offers extensive insight into the user experience including user actions, flows, error messages, client code and device state by drilling down to the exact line of code
  • 1:1 Server Correlation: HPE AppPulse Trace correlates issues from the user experience and user actions with server-side problems. This helps to lower costs by shorter triage and fix times in the data center.
  • Codeless/Tagless instrumentation: The HPE AppPulse Suite automatically adapts to rapid changes of the app and infrastructure


AppPulse Trace is available now.


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