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HPE Announces New InfoSight Leveraging AI

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced what it is referring to as the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine designed to eliminate the guesswork in managing infrastructure and improve application reliability. These new machine learning and AI capabilities will be in HPE’s latest version of InfoSight, which, according to HPE, can pave the way for an autonomous data center. HPE is also releasing a version of InfoSight for 3PAR bringing the reach of InfoSight across the company’s entire portfolio.

A disruption to applications, even on a smaller scale, can cost organizations lots of money. Even finding the issue quickly and correcting it can be expensive. HPE intends to solve the issue before it starts by leveraging the AI and predictive analytics capabilities of HPE InfoSight. HPE claims that it can reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting by up to 85% with its new solution.

HPE InfoSight goes beyond storage and looks at millions of sensors across all of its customers to gather information that will help it predict and prevent several issues. Since the solution can find issues before they happen it can gaurantee availability over 99.9999%. This solution will put companies on the path to the autonomous data center. InfoSight’s AI recommendation engine will provide the intelligent decisions needed to anticipate and prevent issues across the data center. The solution will continue to learn and thus improve itself as it moves forward.

This first release of HPE InfoSight for 3PAR makes available the following capabilities:

  • Cross-stack analytics. Allows IT to rapidly resolve performance problems and pinpoint the root cause between the storage and host virtual machines (VMs). It also provides visibility to locate “noisy neighbor” VMs.
  • Global visibility. Through a new cloud portal, a customer can quickly see detailed performance trending, capacity predictions, and bandwidth analytics across all of their 3PAR arrays.
  • Foundation to enable predictive support. Analytics and automation infrastructure are now in place that in the future will be used to detect anomalies, predict complex problems, and route cases directly to Level 3 support.

Availability and Pricing

HPE InfoSight with the new AI recommendation engine is expected to be available January 2018 to all HPE Nimble Storage customers with an active support contract at no additional charge. HPE InfoSight for 3PAR is also expected to be available January 2018 to all 3PAR customers with an active support contract at no additional charge.

HPE InfoSight

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