by Adam Armstrong

HPE Announces The Machine User Group

Last year Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced its memory-driven computing architecture, The Machine. Last week the company revealed its first prototype 160TB of memory spread across 40 nodes. This week at HPE Discover, the company announced The Machine User Group. This user group will enable technologists, developers, and industry experts training and the ability to offer feedback.

The Machine, as HPE is calling it, is what is known as memory-driven computing. What the machine allows is for analysis of data completely within memory resulting in much faster results. For the current prototype of 160TB of memory, The Machine would be able to simultaneously work with the data from 80,000 human genomes. This level of power can considerably change certain research and development around healthcare and space transportation.

Healthcare is one of the first use cases cited. One of The Machine’s first customers is the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). DZNE works on Alzheimer treatment and will leverage The Machine to manipulate their massive data sets to potentially accelerate a cure. DZNE has stated that they are now getting results in three minutes that used to take 22. Take that and apply it to the years it can take to research something and some serious time could be saved. DZNE is also able to work with more data than ever gaining insights already.

HPE hopes to take The Machine and memory-driven computing even further with its user group it announced this week. HPE will be providing participants with training, resources and toolkits. The community will in turn share algorithms, applications, perspective on this new architecture and its ability to transform the industry with their peers and HPE. The user group will help HPE explore all the possible benefits of its new technology. 

HPE The Machine

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