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HPE Enhances Its Entry-Level Portfolio

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that it would help SMB customers with limited budgets by enhancing its entry-level storage portfolio. HPE is introducing new MSA Storage options that they claim will enable the most affordable dual-controller hybrid flash array from a major vendor. HPE is also introducing a new StoreEasy solution, StoreEasy 1650 Expanded. These new additions are aimed at helping customers with limited budgets harness content and accelerate applications.

Unstructured data is doubling at what some might call an alarming rate, every 18 to 24 months. The sheer volume seems alarming to some while others are struggling with out to harness this data and use it to gain key insights to power their business. While SMBs and venture-backed companies are in a great position to innovate currently, they need to come up with data management plans that fit their budgets.

One thing all businesses could reap benefits from would be acceleration in responsiveness. In order to hit this, HPE has enhanced its MSA 1040 line to include the support of SSDs. This will give the line hybrid performance, but HPE states that it will start under $8,500 making it appealing to smaller organizations on tighter budgets. HPE is also making advance storage virtualization features (that were previously only available in its MSA 2040) available for 1040 further enhancing more attractive to smaller organizations.

New enhancements and benefits of the HPE MSA 1040 include:

  • Boosts storage efficiency with advanced storage virtualization capabilities such as thin provisioning, enhanced snapshot services, wide-striping, and flash-based acceleration.
  • Reduces latency by as much as 70% for read cache and as much as 90% for Performance Tiering with as little as U.S. $1,599 incremental investment in SSD capacity.
  • Up to 75% lower storage costs by taking advantage of MSA’s Archive Tiering capabilities, which increases the cost-effectiveness of Nearline SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) by automatically placing data in the appropriate storage tier.

HPE is also introducing a new NAS that is designed for sustainable capacity-optimized solution for bulk and secondary file storage, the HPE StoreEasy 1650 Expanded. At just 2U the 1650 can store up to 28 LFF drives for a total of 224TB making it one of if not the most dense 2U NAS devices currently on the market. HPE claims customers can store unstructured data at 41%t lower cost in 80% less space with 82% fewer components than the equivalent NetApp FAS system. The HPE StoreEasy 1650 Expanded shares some of the same data services as the rest of the StoreEasy family including multi-dimensional security—including drive, file system, and data-in-flight encryption—as well as sophisticated data access policies based on automatic file classification.

Availability and pricing

  • Support for SSDs on the MSA 1040 is available today via a firmware update GL220, which is free of charge to customers on warranty or a current Service Contract.
  • The MSA 1040 Advanced Virtualization Upgrade license is currently available and as of February 15, 2016 is priced at $350.
  • The new MSA SSD drives are currently available at the following prices and capacity points: 400GB for $2,220; 800GB for $4,219; 1.6TB for $7,979; 3.2TB for $13,899.
  • The StoreEasy 1650 Expanded is currently available and starts at $14,777 with 32TB of capacity.

HPE MSA Storage

HPE StoreEasy

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