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HPE Expands Its Server Portfolio Providing Support For Persistent Memory

A few days ago Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced their new Persistent Memory (a combination of DRAM and NAND in a DIMM format). Today they are announcing their new compute platforms that have built-in support for their new Persistent Memory. On top of these new platforms, HPE is also announcing new ProLiant Gen9 server options along with other solutions with the aim of modernizing customer data centers.

HPE’s announcements today center around its new Persistent Memory technology. As we previously said, what HPE is doing is combing the performance of memory and the persistence of NAND on the same DIMM form factor. The first product has 8GB of DRAM backed by 8GB of flash. The goal is to make a new tier that has the performance of DRAM but won’t lose all the data is there is a failure. It also helps to bridge the gap in pricing between DRAM and NAND. DRAM is a super high performer but its cost gets prohibitive after a certain point. HPE also release their internal testing showing the performance increase from their new NVDIMMs quite a bump in performance compared to SSDs and PCIe.  The new ProLiant Gen9 severs announced today will be optimized to use the new Persistent Memory technology.

Along with the new optimization for Persistent Memory HPE is also announcing:

  • New Intel Xeon platform – HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers will now support the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors. The servers can support 22 cores and memory speeds up to 2400MT/s, giving the servers up to 25% gains in performance. The new processors also include virtualization enhancements, added security and improved orchestration capabilities.
  • Multiple DRAM configurations – the DDR4 memory with 2400MT/s mentioned above is available in multiple capacities from 8GB to an extra dense 128GB LRDIMMs. HPE claims that the latter can deliver up to 23% better performance.
  • New NVMe SSDs – HPE has new NVMe SSDs that go up to 2TB of capacity. These SSDs include Express Bay for front access to the drives and are designed for jobs such as online transaction processing, business intelligence and Big Data analytics.
  • Smart authentication – HPE is adding TCG Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 specification 1.16 to HPE ProLiant Gen 9 servers. This will provide a tamper-resistant environment to prevent unauthorized access. TPM supports Microsoft BitLocker.
  • HPE Application Migration to Cloud Solution – As the name implies, this reference architecture will help customers migrate their on-premises applications to a private cloud.


New HPE ProLiant Gen9 server options and related solutions are available now. HPE 8GB NVDIMM is expected to be available in May 2016 for initial support on HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 Gen9 servers with Intel E5-2600 v4 processors.

HPE Persistent Memory

HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers

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