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HPE Offers New Protection Options

Along with its new 3PAR announcement today, HPE is also announcing new data protection options for the all-flash data center. These new protections options include two new StoreOnce options, the 5500 and 6600, and an assessment program aimed at saving customers capacity when migrating to all-flash, the HPE Get Thinner Guarantee.

Consolidating to an all-flash data center can bring a tremendous amount of benefits as well as a handful of risks. HPE’s new StoreOnce systems can protect service levels in even the largest and most flash-centric environments. HPE claims these new StoreOnce systems offer 2x the scalability, 3x greater performance, and half-the cost than comparable EMC Data Domain systems. Both models are built with the needs of an all-flash data center in mind, offering ease of integration, flexible connectivity, application-centric backup, and the ability to perform flat backup directly from 3PAR Storage. HPE goes on to state that data from within applications like VMware and Microsoft SQL can be directly protected up to 17x faster and restore data 5x faster than traditional backup through unique integration with 3PAR via HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software.

The StoreOnce 5500 is aimed at users needing affordable, application-centric data protection. The 5500 scales up to 864TB, enables 33% faster backups than competitors, and cost as little as $0.02/GB of logical capacity. The 6600 is designed for the largest and most mission-critical Tier-1 environments. It can protect up to 1.7 Petabytes of data at up to 184TB per hour, which is 3x faster and twice the scale of the closest competitor.

To further encourage adoption of all-flash, HPE is offering, for free, a new program that gives a written assurance of as much as 75% capacity savings when migrating from legacy storage to an all-flash HPE 3PAR array. The HPE Get Thinner Guarantee program uses specialized, big data assessment tools to determine the amount of capacity reduction that a customer can expect to see by migrating to a 3PAR all-flash array. This is a pretty strong sign of HPE confidence in capacity savings as it is backed by a written contract.

Availability and pricing

  • The new HPE 3PAR Get Thinner Program is now available worldwide for new sales of 3PAR 8000 and 20000 Storage Systems.
  • The new StoreOnce 5500 will be available worldwide from 31st March 2016 with a US street price starting at $35,100.
  • The new StoreOnce 6600 will be available worldwide from 31st March 2016 with a US street price starting at $70,000.

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