by Adam Armstrong

HPE Releases iLO 4 2.70 Firmware Update

Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) rolled out the latest firmware update to its Integrated Lights-Out Management (iLO) 4, version 2.70. While the firmware update adds several enhancements, the one generating the most buzz is HTML5 support for Remote Console. The update supports several Gen9 and Gen8 servers in HPE’s ProLiant and Synergy lines.

As we previously stated, Lights out Management solutions like HP’s iLO are superior to KVM solutions in that they add things such as power management to the remote management of the server.  Some add considerably more capabilities such as: hardware performance control, health monitoring, and provisioning assistance. HP iLO also offers faster time to resolution due to its remote access and troubleshooting features, where users can remotely access the server using an industry standard scriptable interface, remote console, or Virtual Media features to perform various basic management functions. In addition, its embedded support (Direct Connect and Remote Support) reduces time, cost and complexity.

Version 2.70 comes with the following enhancements:

  • HTML5 Remote Console.
  • SNMP trap 18015 cpqNicAllLinksDown (all links down on a network adapter).
  • Confirmation dialog box for Remote Console power button actions.
  • New Key Manager software support:
    • SafeNet AT KeySecure G350v 8.6.0 and later
    • Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure 8.9.0 and later
  • Active Health System updates:
    • Support for the InfoSight Optimized Active Health System download.
    • iLO nonvolatile flash memory wear data logging.
  • Embedded remote support updates:
    • Modified the Active Health System log filename used for Embedded remote support uploads.
    • Updated Embedded remote support service events for compatibility with Windows Server 2019.
  • Support for hyphens in the State and City or Locality boxes in Certificate Signing requests.


The latest version of HPE iLO 4 is available now.

HPE iLO 4 2.70 download

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