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HPE Software Releases Its New ABR Suite

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software announced the latest version of its Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) Suite. Combining HPE Data Protector, HPE Backup Navigator, and HPE Storage Optimizer, the new ABR Suite aims to deliver a centralized, integrated and streamlined approach to backup and recovery that reduces complexity and automates processes. The ABR has added features such as a more intuitive UI, enhanced always-on security capabilities including rest APIs, and advanced automation, all of which can help customers to secure their digital environments, lower costs, and reduce downtime.

Backup and recovery are becoming more important and complicated as the industry sees things like exploding data growth and increased cyber attacks and ransomeware. Organizations need to be able to manage the massive amounts of data, backup it up effective and efficiently, as well as putting in place automated disaster recovery in the instance of a breach. Unplanned application downtime is only getting more expensive, IDC now estimates it at $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion per year, and the average cost of infrastructure failure per hour is $100,000.

Companies looking to address the emerging issues above need an enterprise solution that it able to securely centralize and standardize backup and recovery management across thousands of clients, repositories, platforms and locations, which is what the new features of ABR Suite promise. HPE Data Protector comes with a flexible architecture providing scalability up to Petabytes of data and trillions of unique files across both physical and virtual environments. It can also ensure a secure backup environment by providing centralized communication, simplifying configuration through port consolidation, and automating application and disaster recovery.

New features in the ABR Suite include:

  • HPE Data Protector 10.00
    • Advanced security model to protect communication between Data Protector components to create a highly reliable and secure backup environment with lower overhead.
      • New security features include port consolidation, secure peering, and push installations minimizing security vulnerabilities, and ensuring users are authenticated and data cannot be changed by attackers.
    • Newly designed web based user interface with a new dashboard, scheduler, and telemetry that provides a high- level view of the environment, saving organizations on management and staffing costs.
    • Seamless integration with existing customer solutions such as storage, virtualization platforms, web portals, applications and deployment tools via Rest APIs.
  • HPE Backup Navigator 9.60
    • Automation and built-in intelligence provide administrators with a detailed problem description and recommended actions based on information gathered and analyzed by Backup Navigator, helping customers efficiently solve backup problems.
    • Monitoring and reporting for VM Explorer environments allows users to report on both, Data Protector and VMX from the same reporting solution.
  • Storage Optimizer 5.50
    • Better extensibility into 3rd party platforms such as NetApp, SharePoint 2016 and Windows Server 2016
    • Improved security and reporting with metastore security group implementation to provide more efficient assignment of permissions

Availability and Pricing

The enhanced HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery suite is available now. The suite offers flexible pricing levels based on traditional a-la-carte model or capacity of data managed.

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