by Adam Armstrong

Huawei Unveils Its Platform + Connection + Ecosystem Strategy At Connect

Today at Huawei Connect 2017 in Shanghai, the company unveiled its new Platform + Connection + Ecosystem strategy designed around promoting development of enterprise-level Internet of Things (IoT). Huawei and its Fortune Global 500 partners (of the 500, 197 are Huawei customers) will showcase jointly-developed information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. And Huawei and Microsoft announced strategic cooperation around releasing Microsoft Apps on the Huawei cloud.

Huawei Connect is the company’s annual event held in Shanghai both this year and last. Much like Connect 2016, this year’s event focuses quite a bit of its attention on the cloud. The company has moved beyond providing hardware and software for the cloud, and has extending its reach into operational services as well. This plays well into the overall industry that is undergoing a massive digital transformation and is looking for new business models and tools to increase connection, engagement, and get a competitive advantage.

As more companies go through their digital transformation or be built around it in the first place, they will turn to companies like Huawei that already has a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions to enable this development in enterprises across diverse industries, including networking, computing, storage, data center infrastructure, Big Data, hybrid cloud and IoT platforms.

So far this year, Huawei has released several new products including OceanStor Dorado V3, a new-generation all-flash storage system, and FusionServer V5, the latest generation of the FusionServer series.  At Connect 2017, the company is introducing FusionBridge, a hybrid cloud solution; FusionCloud Stack, a public cloud solution; Atlas, a new-generation smart cloud hardware platform; Intelligent Connections, a new network architecture; and a new generation of SD-WAN solutions. As IoT devices are being ubiquitous and more and more organizations are utilizing them, Huawei is also introducing its OceanConnect IoT platform, a one-stop IoT service platform for enterprises; a comprehensive access solution that integrates enterprise broadband and narrowband networks and utilizes licensed and unlicensed spectrums; the Edge-Computing-IoT (EC-IoT) solution with cloud-device integration; and all-rounded safety capabilities applicable to chipsets and platforms.

These above announcements stem from Huawei’s new “Platform + Connection + Ecosystem” strategy. This strategy is all about helping customers rapidly develop and deploy business applications as well as facilitating digital transformation in its ecosystem of partners. The strategy delivers, what the company is calling, an open and mutually beneficial ecosystem, a platform that allows flexible deployment, and full-series, full-scenario, and modular connections. The company has worked closely with its business partners to aide in their digital transformation providing best practices and innovative ICT solutions.

One of these partners is Microsoft that announced today with Huawei that it would be running its popular enterprise-level applications on Huawei cloud. This benefits both companies by extending Microsoft’s reach even farther and brings more options for users to Huawei’s cloud.

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