by Adam Armstrong

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium Releases New Specification

Today Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) announced the finalized and publicly available of its new specification HMCC 2.0. The new specification is a commitment to evolving a family of specifications aimed at all high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

The new HMCC specification will double data rate speeds from 15Gb/s to 30Gb/s, which will establish a new threshold memory performance. Designers will get a mature solution that will help them break through memory bottlenecks and deliver a new generation for systems. HMCC 2.0 migrates the associated channel model from short reach to very short reach, aligning with existing industry nomenclature.

Micron HMC Demo at SC14

Finalization of the new specification indicates:

  • Key milestones in the further development of innovative memory technology
  • Designers have access to standards-compliant IP for immediate integration into chips and systems meeting the growing demands of next-generation data center and HPC applications
  • An indication of the specifications continued adoption

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium Site

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