by Mark Kidd

Hynix Aquires Link_A_Media Devices for $248 Million

SK Hynix Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire Link_A_Media Devices Corporation (‘LAMD’). LAMD is a developer of semiconductor system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, also commonly referred to as controllers, which interface with processors to increase the speed and reliability of flash memory.

Hynix offers Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (DRAM), Flash memory chips (NAND Flash) and CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) globally. LAMD will become a Hynix business unit focused on NAND flash memory solutions. Mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets have propelled NAND technology from simple storage towards applications in value-added products equipped with controllers. NAND controllers in products like e-MMCs (embedded Multi Media Cards) and SSDs now enable higher memory densities and improved interface speeds.

While LAMD may not be a household name, their major investors include Seagate, Micron and NEC. Seagate has used the controller in enterprise SSD products, while Corsair has announced a client SSD that leverages the LAMD controller. 

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